The Hair of the Dog

Silas has almost no hair, for a dog.


He shines with a beautiful pinkness. Those black spots? On his skin.

Only his neck, chest, and tail really have a good covering of fur. His longest hairs are less than an inch.

So, why is it that every. single. surface of the house is covered in a fine mist of dog hair? I don’t just mean the bed and the sofa; those are lost causes. There is dog hair on my coffee table. Dog hair on my desk. Dog hair on clothes that have just come out of the dryer. I’ve stopped even looking too hard at the food I cook, because I don’t want to know. I just swept up more hair than I think is still on the dog, after doing the same thing two days ago.

Do you, wonderful dog people, understand this mystery? Does dog hair continue to proliferate even after it is shed? Why has no one turned dog-genes into a best-selling hair product for men?


2 thoughts on “The Hair of the Dog

    1. Sounds about right. They all get under the sofa, start having a party, and before you know it they’re everywhere.

      Or, maybe I’m a worse housekeeper than I think. One or the other.


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