Have you guys heard about this?

BowWowFlix is the dog-video-only version of NetFlix. You know all those neat dog-training videos, with their exorbitant prices, limited availability, and spotty production values? Now you can just rent them. One video at a time is $10.95 per month.

I’ve only received one video so far, which I’ll be reviewing ASAP. First I thought I would talk about the service.

Unlike NetFlix, BowWowFlix is still a one-warehouse operation. My video shipped out of Washington state, so keep that in mind when considering turnaround. I signed up for the service on Saturday. My first disc shipped on Monday, and I received it on Wednesday or Thursday (I didn’t check the Wednesday mail.). Running the math suggests that even a quick watcher and efficient mailer on the one-video-at-a-time plan will max out at three or maybe four videos a month, depending on how long the restocking/shipping process takes. BowWowFlix says that three exchanges per month is their average, although I suspect they’re averaging the multi-disc plans with that.

Stock seems to be good. I have, as far as I know, all of the most popular dog videos in my queue, and except for Susan Garrett’s Crate Games they are all available to ship. Like regular Netflix, BowWowFlix splits multi-disc sets, which seems to be an incredibly common format for dog-training videos. Out of the 25 videos in my queue, only five of them are single discs. I see some potential frustration there, as a longer 5-6 disc series will take two months to watch IF every video is available as you need it.

All in all, I am ridiculously excited about this. Because they rely on individual expertise and are often produced by small and specialized companies, dog training videos start at a bare minimum of $19.95. Something like a Patricia McConnell seminar series can cost $60. Emma Parson’s TACT series retails for $75. While I would love to support the authors and trainers I admire by purchasing their products, it’s fairly cost-prohibitive for a non-professional, especially for those discs that are “interesting” rather than “essential.” I suspect and hope, in fact, that I will be going back to purchase the most useful of these discs after I’ve rented them.

I’ll try to update you again after I’ve had a few exchanges. Have any of you used this service?


3 thoughts on “BowWowFlix

  1. I am a member and the more I use it, the less I like. it They obviously don’t clean or inspect their DVDs before they send them out. I’ve had several arrive unplayable (scratches, deformities in the read surface). It takes 4 days to return the DVD, then 4 days to get a replacement. Once, the replacement was also unplayable and obviously damaged. It sounded like a great deal, because DVDs can be expensive, and their selection is awesome, but I’m really getting irate with them. Plus, they’re skimming the periphery of ethics. As long as they don’t make bootleg copies of the DVDs, they aren’t violating copyright laws, HOWEVER, they aren’t paying any royalties to the authors/owners of the DVDs either. One of Patricia McConnell’s series I rented had Tawzer’s label on it with a notice “not for rental distribution”. This doesn’t seem right to me. As I understand it, Tawzer at least pays royalties. I’m cancelling my membership.


    1. …and another thing. If a video is recorded on several DVDs and you rent the series, they won’t necessarily arrive in order. If, for example, the first DVD is unavailble, they’ll send disk 2 instead. Now what good does THAT do you?


  2. Late again. As I’ve just discovered your blog I’m working my way through your posts.

    The BowWowFlix concept sounds interesting but they need to update their service (as NetFlix has done) to a downloadable service that can be accessed through Wii or whatever other game consoles now offer them. When there is a service like this I will be eager to join. There may already be one that I’m not aware of, and if so, please someone advise me.

    Thank you for your blog. I’m enjoying browsing and have (or have had) similar issues with my 2 rescues. One is severely shy/fearful as a result of a hoarding situation in which she was born and never socialized. The other is a senior whose history I don’t know but who is extremely food obsessed and tends to be overweight. I’m trying my best to deal with both of their issues the best I can which is how I came upon your blog. One blog leads to another in my quest for solutions. Thank you for being here and sharing your knowledge and experiences.


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