Dog Logic

Dog logic is just not people logic.


Case one: waking up in the morning. Silas goes out with my husband around 6:30, then comes back to bed. A longer time than I’m willing to admit later, he wakes me up. So that he can go out, sniff the yard, and then go back to sleep on the couch. Why can’t we just stay in bed?

Case two: eating. Silas eats dinner around 6:30. If he doesn’t eat by 8:30, he throws up. He eats breakfast around 9:30. But some days he doesn’t. He’s been known to put breakfast off as late as noon. Has he ever thrown up because breakfast is late? Nope.

Case three: the bed covers. Not long after he was neutered, Silas started sleeping under the covers. I’m not sure if it’s because of some hormonal change, or just coincidence because that was around when we started using the air conditioner. He sleeps entirely under the covers, nose and all. How can he not feel like he is suffocating? How could he sleep on top of the blankets all winter, when it was 68 upstairs, and under them in the summer, when it is 75?

Case four: coming inside. Silas scratches to be let back in. Then, when I open the door, he starts looking for a stick or a rock that he can bring in and trade for a treat. Why not just find the rock first?

Case five: the water dishes. We have two identical water dishes, one upstairs and one down. The upstairs dish gets almost all of the drinking, even though he walks right past the downstairs dish a dozen times a day. What is wrong with the downstairs water?

So many mysteries.

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