Christmas Presents

We got our first Foster’s and Smith catalog with the Christmas costumes yesterday, so I feel free to mention the “C” word. We don’t dress Silas up for Christmas, but we do buy him gifts.

As a childless-by-choice couple, we don’t get to buy many “fun” gifts. My husband has one cousin, past the age of getting gifts from us, and my family is so big that we don’t buy gifts outside of the immediate family. Even my nephew is a teenager (!!) these days.

Christmas 2011

So we buy presents for the dog. He doesn’t know it’s Christmas, but it’s a nice to have some low-stress, whimsical shopping. (I think half the presents Silas got last year were directly correlated to failures to shop for my mother-in-law.) As you can see in his action shot, he even opens them.

Do you buy presents for your dog? Do you already have plans for this year?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. Of course! As a fellow childless-by-choice couple, we’ve even got our moms buying Christmas gifts for the grand pups.


  2. My dogs have more toys than many children do, but a lot of them were not meant to be dog toys until the slobbers got on them.


  3. Of course we do! Our kids our grown although we do have grandchildren, but we buy them gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas. They don’t really open them by themselves, and they sure don’t know it’s Christmas but we enjoy it. 🙂


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