Marvelous Monday

I’ll never succeed at Wordless Wednesday, so I’m starting my own DIY theme day. Marvelous Monday, for celebrating all the little (and big) things. Hey, Monday needs all the help it can get.

First up, we won a blog award! Thank you very much for the award, Jodi. I’m sure you all read her already, but just in case: Jodi blogs her adventures with Sampson and Delilah in her shiny new space at Heart Like A Dog. If you haven’t updated your blog reader to her new address, you’re missing out!

Addictive Blog Award Badge

I’m supposed to

1. Thank the giver who has bestowed on us this award. (Of course!)
2. Link back to the blog who gave you the award. (Definitely!)
3. Talk about why I blog and why I started blogging. Which I guess I’ll answer here: I was making people in my life crazy talking about dog stuff all the time. I thought if I started a blog for the dog stuff, I could project some kind of non-dog “real life” on Facebook and Twitter. I was wrong. Also, I used to write a good bit professionally (goodbye, incredibly specialized career, hello, chronic unemployment), and I miss it.
4. Post the Award. (Done.)
5. Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award.

Now then, I’m new to this, and Jodi nominated most of the people in my blog roll, so I’ll stick with four, instead of ten:
Married with Dawgs, who kept me on tenterhooks last week with her dog-sitting emergency.
Of Pit Bulls and Patience. Parker and Skye are my new favorite big-little dog pair.
Spotty, Spotty Polkadotty. Who will be Blueberry’s new sibling? Gage, or Clutches? Or someone else all together?
and The Elka Almanac. Smart Elka is one of Silas’s role models.

Other marvels: Sidewalk walking is continuing apace! We’ve been out a couple of times. Silas even peed on a bush out there. (He has a shy bladder. It’s bad enough that we almost didn’t neuter him. When he was four months old, he held it for an entire 15 hour road trip, and then went in my mother’s kitchen floor. It was the first time she’d ever let a dog in her house.). The biggest marvel is that a car drove by while we were out on Saturday, and Silas didn’t run for his life. He didn’t like it, but he did okay.

Also, Silas met our neighbor and seemed happy about it. He knows and likes this neighbor, but he hasn’t seen her in a while. She’s usually out with her own dog, who can be a little territorial. Sometimes he forgets that he likes people. Every good encounter is good news for anxious boy, since it reinforces the idea that people are okay.


6 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday

  1. I remember the first award I got and I didn’t follow ANY blogs. I scrambled around trying to find some, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot that way!

    You did a find job of it though and picked some great blogs to pass it along to.

    I did want you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog.


  2. Thanks for the award!

    Isn’t it great when a nervous dog is finally less nervous? Let’s you know you are on the right track and doing all the right things to let him know the world is a safe place with you by his side! 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the award! It’s well-deserved and Jodi has great taste!

    And congrats on seeing less fear from Silas on this walks. This is huge!

    We’ve been doing something with Cherie that is working great. In the house and yard, where she feels safe, I taught her “go to bed.” It’s her cue to go to a towel I put on the ground. Once she had it down at home, I started carrying the towel around my neck on walks.

    Every once in a while, in a quiet and safe spot, I’d drop the towel on the ground and tell her to go to bed. If she was too nervous, she couldn’t do it so I’d pick up the towel. But eventually she was able to follow the cue even on a walk.

    Now when someone is walking by or I see something scary up ahead, like a noisy truck, I put the towel down and tell her to go to bed. It’s her safe spot no matter where we go.

    This was suggested by our trainer and I’m so thankful. It’s been very helpful. Perhaps its something you want to try with Silas.


    1. Oh, thanks! That’s really interesting. And yay for Cherie; I’m so glad to hear your stories about how well she’s doing.

      One of the things we have “against” us is that Silas is pretty independent. He’s not naturally inclined to check in with me, and when you add stress on top of that, it gets worse. He is slowly, slowly getting better as he gets older, so we’ll see.


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