Marvelous Monday: September 17

Today’s marvels:

Silas is still walking on the sidewalk! I’ve been afraid that he would go out a few times and then get spooked by something and stop going, but so far so good. We’ve even seen a few cars. No dogs, though. My neighbor with the Westies and I spotted each other around the corner (before the dogs did) and we started walking opposite directions so fast it was comical. Not that Silas minds dogs, but I don’t want another dog to mind him and scare him.

Now, there’s nothing dramatic and exiting about these walks. I’d guess we’re walking 100 yards. Max. Our walks go out the garage, around the corner, back in the front gate, across a little yard, and in the front door. Silas can’t (or won’t, whatever you want to call it) walk past the gate. But, he no longer darts under the gate at top speed; he’s willing to wait for me without being terrified.  So, yay!

Otherwise, we’ve been stumped by the weather, which has been unremittingly rainy, but I’m willing to call 88 degrees a Monday Marvel of its own.

3 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday: September 17

  1. Great news! So glad to see Silas is continuing to face his fears.

    Is he able to take treats on his walk now? If he’s normally treat motivated and can accept food on a walk, that would really show you how comfortable he is.


    1. I haven’t tried him with the treats. He’s barely, barely able to take them in places that we go all the time, like the park, so I doubt he’s there yet.

      But, sigh, progress is not linear. Last night I tried to take him out, and once he realized what I wanted he sat in the chair and trembled. We’ll have to take a little time off and try again.


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