Interactive Toys

We’ve been branching out lately with our interactive toys. We’ve had regular Kongs from day one, and I bought Silas the Kong  “Goodie Bone” when he was neutered.

Kong Goodie Bone

The Goodie Bone is a weird toy, I have to say. I usually just fill it like a regular Kong, since Silas can’t eat a lot of biscuit-style dog treats. Then it takes him forever to get the filling out.

We also have the Kong “Wobbler” toy, which is a new favorite. Silas is a very paw-oriented dog, and he loves to knock over the Wobbler.


The great thing about the Wobbler is that it will hold larger treats. I really struggle to find things that will fit into something like a Buster Cube. Silas doesn’t eat kibble and can’t eat a lot of the treats out there. His special treats tend to be on the large side, unfortunately. The Wobbler will hold something like pieces of freeze-dried liver.

In my attempt to get something challenging enough to keep my smart guy busy for a few minutes, I bought one of the famed Nina Ottosson toys last week. Ours is the “Tornado.”

Nina Ottosson Tornado

Nina Ottosson Tornado

The objective of the “Tornado” is for the dog to spin the various levels independently of each other to uncover the treats. Alas, it took Silas two minutes to solve the “Tornado.” It came with some modifications that let you make it harder; I’ll have to try those next time. The nice thing about this toy is that it’s quite large. If your dog is an over-enthusiastic kibble eater of a medium breed, you could probably hide an entire meal in there.

Last, but not least, we have the classic “Hide-A-Squirrel.”


My silly dog gets the squirrels out as quickly as possible, then carries the stump around like it is the coolest toy ever. Bonus points if he gets his head entirely in the stump.

I have to say, though, Silas’s favorite interactive toy is some treats under a plastic cup. Actually, his favorite toy would be just the plastic cup, if I weren’t such a meanie and would give one to him.

Are you a fan of interactive toys? What’s your favorite?

8 thoughts on “Interactive Toys

  1. Hi, I just discovered you and Silas from your comment on Rescued Insanity. Silas is a handsome boy! You gotta get and post a picture of his head in the stump! I know my pack would like that type of toy but…well, a pack of Australian Cattle Dogs would destroy that in a few minutes. I make tug toys with fabric (thrift store pants usually when I can get something for 50 cents or a dollar) I cut long strips, knot the end, braid it and knot again. Denim and corduroy are best. Strong and of course, washable. Lots of fun to play with each other and whatever human is close by. Silas is so lucky to have a devoted and caring family. How big is he? He looks amazingly similar to one of my blind girls (we have three that are blind), named Breeze who is five months old. She was a last minute pull (tense few minutes there) from a kill shelter in NC this past July and well worth the 30+ hour round trip. Not sure of her breed mixture but the spots are getting darker. I look forward to reading more about Silas!


    1. Hi there! Three blind dogs must make life quite an adventure at your house!

      We thought Silas was deaf when we found him. It was the big reason I kept him, in fact–I was worried that he wouldn’t be supervised well enough. He turned out to hear perfectly. I think he was just a little malnourished and lethargic.

      Silas is about 32 pounds these days. We don’t have any idea about his breed, either. I told the city licensing people that he was a Rat Terrier/Dalmatian mix, because “Who knows what” wasn’t an option. People say Dalmatian when they see the spots, so I thought it would be the most helpful for animal control in an emergency.


      1. Thanks for your reply to my reply….Breeze was around 30 lbs last month and I am sure she is close to 45 by now. I think you picked a good breed mix for Silas. Breeze is listed as Cattle Dog mix but that was before the spots got so dark! If you are interested, she and the others are on YouTube, at: acd6pack. I am enjoying reading about Silas and am so glad for him that he ended up with you!


  2. My guys are mostly out of the real ‘toy’ phase, but I do fill a Kong or stuffed bone for them daily. They mostly enjoy the stuffed toys they can ‘kill’ but Delilah does have a puzzle toy which I don’t take down nearly enough!


    1. Silas was never that into the Kong, but he gets one while the humans eat dinner. I’m a mean mommy and fill it with pureed vegetables (mixed with some peanut butter.) That might explain why he’s not so excited about it, huh?


  3. We’ve fed Honey out of food toys since she was 8 weeks old. When she was tiny, we put kibble in a water bottle and turned it upside down so she could push it over with her nose. We did it up over and over until all the food is gone.

    Now we have a Kong Wobber and a rubber ball with holes in it that works better with Honey’s soft FreshPet diet. We also had a Premier tug-a-jug that eventually broke. Honey loved it but I’m reluctant to replace it since Premier was bought by a company that makes shock collars. 😦

    And sometimes I feed Honey by playing nose work games by hiding her food one bite at a time all over the house. That gets her good and tired and it’s lots of fun.

    We have a cheap Nina Ottoson knock off we got as a gift. Honey figured it out pretty quickly. I’ll be curious to see how Silas does with a more advanced setting on the Tornado.

    Can you tell I just love playing games with food? 🙂


    1. We’re just now getting there. Silas was never interested enough in his kibble to work for it. It took us ages to find one that he would even eat. Now that his allergies have him on raw food, there isn’t much to do with the meals themselves. But since he isn’t in training class right now, I don’t feel bad about putting some treats in his toys.

      I think the Wobbler is going to be the runaway hit out of this new bunch.


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