Silly Dog Videos

I’m an overthinker, as you’ve seen. Things have been a little heavy around here lately.

As an antidote, I’ll give you some silly videos I shot a few days ago, of Silas working on his problem solving. In the first set, Silas is finding treats that I hid around the room, under boxes and things. There’s a break in the video because he ran off to chew one of the props, and there is a missing first video that was mostly him figuring out what was going on. I love that he clearly prefers the plastic cups to the treats. In the second set, Silas is doing his Nina Ottosson toy, and it’s just split for the length. I like how you can see him really figure it out in the second video. Apologies for the quality; I’m a novice camera person with very novice level equipment. I’m also hosting these at Flickr, which is emphatically not great with video.

If you want a better view, click on through to Flickr and you can see them larger.


4 thoughts on “Silly Dog Videos

  1. How adorable!

    Honey also likes playing with plastic cups. It’s a great cheap toy.

    So was this the easy or hard setting for the Tornado toy? And one suggestion for the sliding–lots of sailors will put a small band of silicone caulk on the bottom of their dishes so things don’t slide around while underway. Just put the caulked toy down on aluminum foil while waiting for it to dry.

    The tornado will stay in place a little better but still be moved if Silas gets really actively involved.


    1. This was the easiest setting. There are some plastic covers that you can put over some of the holes. Then the dog has to remove those before the tornado pieces will twist. When we used those the next day, Silas wanted to play with the covers more than the toy. Silly boy.

      Good to know about the caulk. I think we might have some around. The toy has little rubber feet, but they just aren’t sticky enough for our laminate floor.


  2. I loved that he was more interested in the plastic bowl than in his treats! And I see that the crinkling and noises made from the paper and boxes did not bother him at all. I think this is great progress!!


    1. That’s my favorite part, too. “Drat. Got my toy stuck under the cabinet. I guess I’ll go back and get those cookies.”

      He is very rarely scared of things in the house anymore, thank goodness. The “roaring” type sounds (blender, mixer, vacuum, hair dryer) bother him, but he’s been over the “crinkly” sounds for a while. But that’s why I think games like this are good for him. Nose work and brain work and noises.


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