Marvelous Monday: Clean Plate Edition

I had another post ready to go here, but this morning was just so Silas that I couldn’t keep it off the blog until tomorrow. If raw food talk squicks you, skip to the last paragraph for the punchline.

Silas has not been pleased with my efforts to diversify his diet. I expected this reaction, and I’ve been slowly, patiently cutting back on the delicious toppings I have to put on his non-turkey food.

That was before we got to the bottom of the freezer this weekend, which has thrown all the carefully balanced, quantity controlled progress out the window until tomorrow, when I can get to the store. Even worse, in the bottom of the freezer I found whole turkey hearts, instead of ground. Oops. Needless to say, Mr. Picky did not accept that whole turkey hearts were food on their first offering.

So, bless his heart, his breakfast this morning was ground duck organs (hates), whole turkey hearts (isn’t wild about) and only one tiny turkey neck part (beloved breakfast staple). I mixed all the “undesirables” with some coconut oil and left him to it.

In a few minutes he asked to go out, signaling that he was all done with his breakfast. On the way past, I looked in the kitchen, fully expecting to see where he had carefully removed all of the “bad” things from his dish. Instead, it was licked perfectly clean. I was thrilled! Silas, with a dog’s sense of immediacy, was really confused by my elaborate praise for letting him out the door.


2 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday: Clean Plate Edition

    1. Oh, the usual here is turkey necks, sometimes with a spoonful of organs. (I can get them ground up, so it’s easy.) I’m kind of scraping the bottom here, throwing together the odds and ends. We have a really fantastic raw food store, so our “odds and ends” can get quite exotic.

      We’re trying duck because it’s relatively cheap here–only about $0.50 more a pound than turkey–and low risk.


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