Play Time

Silas does not know when he is tired.

Problem is, we don’t, either.

Yesterday we walked 45 minutes. This is enough to tire Silas out pretty well, between the heat and the fact that his little brain runs 90mph while we’re out. We got back from the park around 3:30. As of 6:30, he had taken a five minute nap. As of 7:30, he had made everyone in the house crazy. He was too tired to play by any of the rules, but he also couldn’t settle down.

When he finally went to sleep, it was obviously an accident:


When my nephew was a toddler, he was just like this. He would get tired, but he didn’t want to go to sleep. Then he did increasingly crazy things to stay awake.

Yesterday we had a pretty good idea that is what was going on, because of the walk. It’s such a production to walk Silas, though, that we don’t do it every day. He gets most of his exercise by playing. I feel like this is one of those grey areas of life with a dog. It’s not like there’s an equivalency table for how many minutes of walking translates into how many minutes of fetch.

Day-to-day, pragmatically, this presents something of a problem. Silas spends most of his evening either playing or trying to persuade us to be playing. There’s no way he “needs” four hours of playtime a day. The humans do not have energy (or time) to play four hours a day. Because it’s his only exercise at least 50% of the time, though, I hate to turn the little guy down. There is surely a line to be drawn in there somewhere, but it’s hard to pin down. Does he need to play for one hour? Two? Forty-five minutes? When does he need exercise, and when is he just looking for attention?

I suppose I should be counting my blessings that he brings me a ball instead of chewing my shoes.


2 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. Honey has fooled me a few times. You read so much a tired dog is a good dog that I found it hard to recognize when she was overtired. Sometimes (like now) she’ll even start barking to let us know she wants to go to bed.

    I have found that nosework has been a good way to tire Honey without overtiring her.


    1. How funny about the barking. Silas will go upstairs and pull the pillows off the bed, so that someone has to go upstairs.

      Yeah, a tired dog is a good dog, but an overtired dog is a really NOT.


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