Exit, Duck

I posted last week that Silas was having some stomach trouble. Then he threw up twice in three days. Once in a week is a grey area, twice is his classic food-allergy pattern. So, duck, as the only new-ish thing in his diet, is out for a while.

I’m a little freaked out over this. I had been working off the cheerful assumption that everything he was allergic to was in the kibble he was eating as he developed these symptoms the first time. It’s a lot of things (thanks, Orijen), but it’s a concrete list. Before this trial of duck, he’d had it maybe a half dozen times in his life. It wasn’t quite a novel protein, but it was really close. So, we’re in some seriously murky water here. I’m trying not to think too much about it.

The hilarious up side of this is Silas’s obvious and extreme relief to go back to eating just turkey. I’m not sure if he was avoiding the duck because he knew it was bad for his stomach, or if it’s just his unyielding suspicion of food he hasn’t eaten recently. (He’s like the boy who cried wolf–sometimes he’s right, but a lot of the time I can’t trust his judgment.) After two weeks of integrating duck with his turkey, Silas was visibly nervous about eating. The combination of, in hindsight, an upset stomach and his distrust of that weird food was starting to affect even foods that he’s previously liked.

Tuesday morning’s breakfast was his plainest, most boring, most usual meal. And I swear, he pranced away from the dish when he was done.

Okay, little dog, I get it.


6 thoughts on “Exit, Duck

    1. He does! He’s always been a fussy eater. I thought it would go away once his stomach got better, but it hasn’t. I guess I understand–if I knew that one thing wouldn’t make me sick, but the chances weren’t good for anything else, I would be suspicious, too.

      Last night I dreamed that we got a new puppy, and even in my dream I thought, “We can feed that puppy all the food we’ve got that Silas can’t eat!”


  1. Turkey it is, I guess. If that’s what he likes and that’s what keeps him healthy, then there is no arguing with the logic. We don’t give Shiva any red meat because she’s had disgestive problems in the past. Luckily all poultry and fish seem to be fine but we haven’t tried duck yet and I am not so sure it’s worth the risk.


    1. Our goal is for him to eat two or three proteins, at least, to minimize that horrible possibility that he will become allergic to the only thing he can eat.

      Definitely just turkey for the next few weeks, though!


  2. Turkey is a staple around here, too. Growing up, I always thought it was such a luxury — the type of meat you only get on Thanksgiving. Well, obviously it’s available year-round, but seldom on sale the way other meats are. That’s the way it’s gotta be, huh?

    My partner has issues with feeding the dogs duck, so that’s one of our arbitrarily verboten proteins. (I slip them some gizzards sometimes though. Shh…)


    1. I’m actually struggling to find turkey right now. The Whole Foods butcher told me outright that they’ve stopped getting birds in, because they’re being “saved up” for thanksgiving.

      We’re 98% sure that he’s allergic to either beef, pork, or lamb. (Hopefully an either/or, not a both/and) Add in duck and turkey, and that’s pretty much everything I can easily construct a whole diet from. I can get tons of other things, but only here and there, for $$$. I guess our next stop will be to try lamb again.


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