All Ears

A stranger’s first comment about Silas will be about one of three things: 1) the ears 2) the spots or 3) his general pinkness. It’s usually the ears. As a person who doesn’t have a whole lot of dog experience, I find the ears to be pretty handy as a barometer.

Regular ears:


Uncertain ears:


Sleepy ears:

sleepy ears

Alarmed ears (he barked at something half a second after this):

Ears back

He also folds them back like greyhound ears, either when he’s doing his “I am sweet and tiny” thing with strangers (I hesitate to use that other “s” word.) or in other very stressful situations. I’m usually too busy to take pictures then, but you can see a little of it here, when we made puppy Silas miserable taking him to the beach:

Puppy Hates the Beach

Some of my favorite pictures are from the “half mast” stage. Silas started out with folded ears, you see. Around the four month mark, they started to stand up. Progress was irregular. They’d be up and down, and for a while one of them was definitely more up than the other.

Half ears

10 thoughts on “All Ears

  1. Ohh gosh. I feel like such a cliche. His ears were one of my first comments here too… oy.

    His face reminds me so much of Elli’s face. Still looks like such a puppy, just like her.


    1. Oh, I don’t mind. Better the ears than “Hey, why is your dog acting like that?” which is what I’m always afraid of.

      The dog trainer we talked to last week said, “How old is he? 11 or 12 months?” I had to say, “umm, 16 months.” He does a very convincing puppy act.


    1. Indeed. I’m kind of glad that he didn’t have the big ears from day one. I would have felt to name him something representative of them. (Instead, I named him after the villain of a Dickens novel. Like that was a propitious beginning.)


    1. No idea!

      It must not be anything too weird–I’ve run into a few very similar looking dogs, but none of their owners know the mix, either. I’d almost guess Jack Russell/whippet, except I’ve never seen a whippet in the area he’s from.


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