The Perfect Toy

I’ve mentioned my hatred of squeaky toys before. I’ve also mentioned Silas’s most beloved toy ever, the tiny beaver. I thought it was time to introduce this paragon of toys to you.

Favorite toy

It has a creepy little face:

creepy toy face

but Silas loves it anyway. So much so that he photobombed the second copy of the toy, who is now tail-less.

Nose photobomb

He just wanted to play with the best toy ever.


These are usually under lock and key, for special occasions. They’re the perfect toy for training class, where squeakies can be too distracting for the other dogs. Tailless beaver is in pretty good shape, although he’s obviously not as good.

The whole beaver is looking rough, though.

Tragic toy death looms

I’m saying his days are numbered. That white mark is a little stuffing, and his head is in some danger of detaching wholesale. We do, fortunately, have some “almost as good” toys (Kong makes some tiny plushies with removable squeakers) for when the inevitable happens. In the meantime, I always have an eye open for tiny, non-squeaky plush toys, just in case.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Toy

    1. We bought him a big boiled wool toy a while back, and he loved it. The problem is that once you get through the outer layer, they’re pretty loosely packed. It took him a while to reduce it to green wool shreds, but it happened.

      I haven’t seen any small ones; I’ll have to look. With less of the soft filling, they might hold up better.


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