City Dog in the Country

I’m still away from home, with the world’s slowest internet connection, but I thought I’d share some photos of our trip so far:




Silas is running an experiment called “How many rabbit droppings can I eat without getting tapeworms?” (alternate title: “How long can I con that lady into believing that I’m just sniffing the grass?”). Aside from it being a solid twenty degrees colder than he’s used to, he’s having a fantastic time.


5 thoughts on “City Dog in the Country

    1. It would be perfect if it were fenced all the way around. I feel comfortable enough to just let Silas drag his long line, but fenced would be better. My back is against the porch in the last shot, but we city dwellers are still envious.


    1. He does have a little jacket that he mostly wears when we’re here. At our house it gets cold enough for it maybe three or four days a year.

      Poor anxious guy, I should probably get him a Thundershirt instead.


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