Clean and Tidy

One of the questions I get a lot is “How do you keep him so white?”

The truth is, I don’t have anything to do with it. This week has been good proof of it. Silas spent three days running like mad at my in-laws’ place, rolling in who knows what, eating animal poop, and scrounging through the underbrush.

At the end of day three, I said, “Wow; the dog is getting stinky. I should give him a bath.” The next morning, he didn’t smell at all.


Does he look dirty to you? Even his feet are still pink. I did bathe him the afternoon after I took that photo, but only because he was itchy.

Some of it is that he’s an obsessive cleaner. He licks his feet and legs clean like a cat. I have to watch him, or I can easily miss the beginnings of an allergy flare thinking that he’s just washing.

He’s also just magically dirt-resistant. I’ve seen him turn his muzzle completely grey digging, and in an hour it’s like it never happened.

Somebody should figure that out, and put it in the fabric of my next sofa.


5 thoughts on “Clean and Tidy

  1. Elli has magical fur, too! She gets super muddy fetching in the Portland mud-parks — all under her belly, chest, inner hindlegs and tail — I let it dry and then it just flakes off by itself. Though, she retains the earthy smell.


  2. I find the same thing with Breeze. Somehow, even though she is covered in mud, she magically returns to white and spotted in about thirty minutes. Not sure how that works!


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