Last night I gave in to a base impulse.

Poor Silas has been in a real chewing phase lately. His beloved antler chew has mostly given up the ghost. We buy antler sections on a rope, because the rope keeps him from being able to really bite down hard. Also, the cut-up sections have a middle that is fairly soft. Well, while he was working on his last one, our local supplier stopped carrying them. (I’m really on the fence about the antler chew–we bought the first one because Silas tried to shoplift it, and it turned out to be MAGIC. Please don’t fill my comments with stories about broken teeth, or I might cry.)

Anyway, there I was, with my dog who has been on the prowl for things to chew, in the pantry gathering up forbidden foods to send along to a friend. And I found his pack of TerraBones, with the “Natural Chicken Flavor” right there on the label. He was so excited!

So I gave him one.

I probably shouldn’t have done it, but the TerraBones came after I already knew he was allergic to chicken. A store clerk gave him one, and then I went back and bought a pack. Back then I wasn’t an avid label reader. By the time I realized they had chicken, he’d already had several of them with no trouble. At the time I wrote it off as either a quantity issue or that the flavoring was purely chicken fat, rather than protein. Who knows, though. I wasn’t as “up” on my allergy symptoms back then, so I may have missed something.

It made him happy for a while, at least. We’ll see what happens.


5 thoughts on “Cheater

  1. Here’s hoping he’s okay with that! Broken teeth from antlers – is that what you mean? We’ve never had any problems, even with a 13 pound puppy and we always just buy the whole antler sections, size large. Just curious, can Silas have the Nylabone bones? Hi to Silas from the pack!


    1. He could have Nylabones as far as I know, but he’s never been very interested in them. Except for the antlers and tearing up cardboard boxed, he’s not wild about recreational chewing. Weird dog.


  2. None of my dogs have problems with their teeth from the antlers–I think they are relatively ok as chews go. (there are also these dried sweet potato things on a rope my dogs love, but they are able to chew those pretty fast). I hope he’s ok from the chicken in the treat!


    1. Dried sweet potatoes are a huge hit around here, too. We buy them loose, and I can give them to Silas in his crate. They’re definitely more of a snack than a chew, but they last longer than something like a carrot (his other favorite).

      Good to hear about the antlers. I worry.


    2. Oh, and the Terrabone was fine. I wouldn’t actually buy a new pack of these, or give him a lot in a row, but a random one-off doesn’t seem to bother him.

      It’s possible that he’s even outgrown the chicken allergy, although he’s reacted to enough commercial treats with “natural flavors” that it seems unlikely.


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