Marvelous Monday, Nov 12

Silas did not throw up today!

And why is that marvelous?

Because he had an ounce of pork in his dinner last night.

I’m not wild about feeding him pork for lots of reasons, so it will probably turn out to be something he can eat. Logic was on pork’s side, though, and I’m getting desperate. The Orijen Regional Red kibble that we were using as Silas developed his food allergies had both wild boar and pork. When we switched to raw, we were using a pre-made food that didn’t come in a pork variety.

About a month ago, it hit me that he kept having symptoms until we pulled him off of everything except turkey, about a month after we switched to raw. While the pork could certainly have been problem, it was, logically speaking, not the problem, or he would have gotten better that month. That skyrocketed pork right to the top of my list of foods to try.

Today doesn’t really prove anything, except that he is not instantly and catastrophically allergic. He had to get all the way to whole meals of duck before it starting making him obviously sick. (The duck thing was weird in a lot of ways, though, so I’m not sure how representative it will be.) We’ll see.

Around here, “cautiously optimistic” about new foods is definitely a marvel.


6 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday, Nov 12

    1. Yes!

      It’s possible that I’m just setting myself up for another soul-crushing disappointment (I literally almost cried in the food store after the duck didn’t work). But, hope springs eternal.


  1. I was actually just pondering the other day about how it’s rare to see pork listed in dog food ingredients. We’ve given some to our dog in the past but now avoid it as all forms of red meat tend to make her a little ill. It’s great that it seems to be okay for Silas, if only temporarily.

    Have you tried rabbit? I’ve heard many dogs with allergies are okay with that as a protein.


    1. There are lots more “weird” proteins out there than you would think. I can even get most of them. Rabbit, emu, buffalo, venison, kangaroo, quail, etc. I’m not sure how long we’ll live in this huge metro area, though, so I’m trying to make sure I don’t base his entire diet off of “exotic” food.

      In some ways, pork isn’t much of a help, for exactly the reason you mention–it isn’t much of a “dog food” ingredient. There are even fewer pork things out there than turkey things. But, it’s something that I can go buy at a grocery store, even in a rural area.


      1. That’s great you have so many options available! I usually gravitate toward fish and poultry as I know they will be fine for our dog so I guess I don’t check out much of the other varieties. Whatever works to keep Silas vomit-free, right?


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