A handful of photos of Silas, living the big life in the country.




You can click through to my flickr stream to see lots more in the same vein, if you need some more distant photos of a running dog in your life.

He had fun doing things like running behind my husband’s bicycle (at 18 mph) and getting to go leash free.

We went to the local pet store here, where he was fantastic about letting me actually shop, but not wild about the store employees. Not crazily upset, just a little unhappy. This store has a lot of narrow aisles, and the employee wanted to walk the length of the aisle toward us. Umm, no.

He was fantastic with my in-laws this trip. Such a relief. He’s always barked every time my father-in-law so much as moves. My husband and Silas spent three consecutive days there on our last trip, which was apparently enough to get him comfortable. I hope it takes the edge off of the dog-behavior headache that is Christmas with my husband’s loud, exuberant family. (We can’t crate him, because we have to crate him for my huge family’s evening party.)

Tomorrow we’ll be making the trek back home, where my posting and commenting should resume their usual pace after the weekend. I’ve got another food roundup post scheduled for tomorrow. I like making lists; they appeal to my inner researcher. There’s one upcoming about dehydrated/freeze dried foods, and I may do a run down of the frozen raw diets. Just don’t hold your breath for one about kibble. Too many!

3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. That’s the best – running around off leash! All the pack love that, even Breeze the seven month old pup (Silas’s “cousin”!). There isn’t much better than a huge open space where they can be off leash and safe. As for the store, well, our boy Forest isn’t too happy about places like that either.


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