Lesson: Learned

While we were out of town last week, I made some compromises with Silas’s diet. Instead of taking enough raw food for the whole week, I took some raw, some canned, and some dehydrated food. This worked wonderfully. He ate every meal while we were away. He only threw up one time, and that was because he ate some weird plastic thing. There are times to be thankful that your dog’s stomach is a delicate flower.

Returning to the “real food” has been not so wonderful. Apparently Mr. Picky really enjoyed his more elaborate no-refrigeration-required meals. Now we’re in the vicious cycle known as “I only want to eat in the evening, but skipping breakfast upsets my stomach.” Which plays out like it sounds–his regular breakfast is no longer good enough to tempt his minimal morning appetite, but without breakfast he is queasy and anxious. Then, if I don’t feed his dinner early enough, he has to throw up. I feed him a little more at dinner time (not two meals worth!) so that he won’t beg constantly for food all evening. Then, the next morning, he is apparently even less hungry for the breakfast he already didn’t want. Ad infinitum.

On top of that, there’s always the worry that this has nothing to do with his schedule, and he really is turning out to be allergic to pork, after giving me a nice, hopeful three or four weeks. I won’t really panic about that until he starts showing some allergy symptoms, but it’s always in the back of my mind.

Okay, okay, I have learned my lesson about messing with the diet.


4 thoughts on “Lesson: Learned

    1. Allergy testing is s-l-o-w. Which means that we’ve been doing this since June, and the only confirmed allergen in his diet is duck. We have a few safe things–turkey and a few kinds of fish. Everything else is still to be tested. Beef, lamb, venison, and buffalo are the biggies, but we could also try rabbit, quail, and emu if I had to.


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