We’ve been a little frazzled lately, what with the traveling. My poor house is looking it, too, which I can’t stand.

Today I tackled a little something that has been making me crazy: the table where Silas’s stuff lives.


His stuff is, in fact, taking over the house. There’s a good chunk of it in the pantry, mostly confined to a box, and his regular meal stuff in the kitchen, plus our laundry room is filled with dog toys.

Anyway, this little side table is our “treats in progress” area. Once something has been opened, it gets moved out here. Because I’m that kind of person, we keep several kinds of treats that I use for different things. Sweet potato chews and salmon sticks for crate time, medium sized treats for when I’m leaving home (I give him a handful of something as I leave), and small treats for training.

His table also gathers up random dog stuff–the nail clippers, the clicker, his medicines, etc.

Today I’d had enough, so while I was at IKEA to buy wrapping paper I bought some class canisters.


That’s better.

Now, if I could just get my husband to understand that mountain bikes don’t belong in the dining room.

3 thoughts on “Organizing

  1. Just curious, doesn’t Silas try and get the things on the table, all out in the open and low down like that?! And, ah, are you sure that mountain bikes aren’t living room decor?!


  2. You know, he’s never even tried to get up there. I’m not sure he even realizes that he *could.*

    When he was a puppy he was scared of things being up over his head–like, a pot on the edge of the kitchen counter–and as a result he’s never been too bad to get things off table tops. Except the dining room table, but I think that’s because in this open floor plan he can scope it out by standing on the sofa.


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