The Purple Hedgehog

Sometime in early November I broke the “no more toys until Christmas” rule in favor of a purple rubber hedgehog.

Silas was having a blast playing with the sweetgum tree balls in my parents’ yard. For those of you not from the American Southeast, a sweetgum ball looks like this:

Sweetgum ball

They are sharp, like a very tiny, very pointy pinecone. Which Silas also loves to play with.

So when I spotted this toy by Hugglehounds

Purple hedgehog

I knew he needed to have it.

It’s turned out to be a very good buy for quite a few reasons. We play most of our fetch indoors, which means we can’t use a toy that is too heavy or too bouncy without the risk of breaking things. (Looking at you, Orbee ball.) Toys that aren’t bouncy at all aren’t any fun. Painted toys can leave marks on our white walls. Some kinds of plastic are too hard to get back from Silas, who is still working on the “giving” part of fetch.

Hedgehog is perfect. Silas loves the spiny texture (it is quite soft, just very nubbly.), and we love that it’s a great balance of soft/bouncy/light. The material is supposedly a blend of natural rubber and corduroy fabric. Whatever it is, we like it. I’m not sure how it would stand up to a serious chewer; Silas never chews with purpose on rubbery or plastic toys. A month of serious fetch hasn’t hurt it at all. I think I’ll look for another one or two shapes when we go back home for Christmas.

The only downside is that Purple Hedgehog is made in China. Hugglehounds says that the paint and materials are safe, but I’ve been increasingly skeptical of toys lately. I’m hoping that after Silas opens his Christmas gifts I can post some reviews of toys that were made in the US.

HuggleHounds offers these in sizes, and I’m honestly not sure which one we have. Probably the smallest one. I wouldn’t have even remembered the brand. Fortunately “purple hedgehog dog toy” doesn’t yield very many search results.

6 thoughts on “The Purple Hedgehog

  1. I’m looking for anything made in the U.S. these days, treats being high on the list. I won’t buy a treat if it’s made in China.

    I’ve had to give on that with some of the grandkids toys, which I do grudgingly. But is only because choices are limited.


    1. I’ll have a bunch of rubber-type toys made in the US to post about after Christmas. By the time you get to the single-ingredient type treats we have to buy for Silas, they’re all US as far as I’ve seen.


  2. We too have the soft “inside” toys. Occasionally, a Kong will come bouncing down the stairs though!

    We’re with you on the made in China thing. I am checking labels and re-checking. Be aware of “packaged in and processed in…” since those products can contain ingredients from undisclosed countries. Then of course, there are the things with no indication of where they are from.


    1. We’re good on food, ironically, because Silas can eat so very few things. His single-ingredient organ treats don’t have a lot of room to hide.

      I quit making Kongs “challenging” because he learned to throw them down the stairs. I just make them a pleasant texture to lick. That is one ominous bounce. Plus he put pumpkin all over the walls once.


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