Rearranging the Furniture

Last year for Christmas we bought Silas a dog bed. He seemed to have stopped growing, so we took advantage of a holiday sale.

He never used it much, preferring to sleep on the couch or the human bed. One day he chewed a hole in it, and I had to put it away until I had time to patch it. After that, he never cared for it.

Not long ago we brought it back downstairs. Silas kept pulling the mat out of his crate so that he could lie down on it in the middle of the floor. Like rational humans, we put the rather large dog bed someplace that wasn’t terribly in the way.

Silas looked at his bed. He sat on his bed. Then he got up and moved his bed to where he wanted it.


(The blue spot is my patch. I went for the pragmatic route and used the otherwise useless-since-1986 pale color that comes in denim patch kits.)

Now, finally, he is getting a little use out of his expensive bed. I guess all it needed was to be in the center of the living room, kind of in the way.

No one puts puppy in a corner?

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