Happy Holidays!

We opened the holiday presents at our house last night. True to form, Silas had a blast. He’s clever enough that he even knows how to start at the corners with the wrapping paper.

These aren’t my best pictures, but I’m posting them anyway. Maybe next year we’ll exchange gifts in daylight.




His last present was a new bed for his crate, which was obviously a hit:


Although, you’ll note that it is not, in fact, in his crate. (Poor baby soothes himself to sleep with a mouthful of blanket. Hence the ragtag fleece throws in so many of my pictures.)


This is how I know the dog has won over my mother: she got the flu last week. She called today, to say that she was sorry that she hadn’t done any shopping. She felt bad that Silas didn’t have a present under the tree.

We are on the road, again. I suspect that I won’t be around this week, although I’ve been wrong about these things before.

Happy holidays!


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. What a lovely post and I loved your photos!! Awww….anyway, I feel as if we are very much dealing with similar dynamics with our doggs, and I have not yet, in two years, met any other dog person who is…so was wondering if you might be willing to exchange emails? I think mine is already registered or ?? on this blog site, so if you are keen, plse send me yours once the hols are over and you have any time to do this .
    Meanwhile enjoy your travels and holiday time with family, friends, and your dear sweet Silas.
    Cheri (and Noomi) on Vancouver Island


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