Silas is afraid of children, people who wave their arms, and people who act unpredictably. He is terrified of cars. Walking on the sidewalk is, in his mind, a terrible, terrible thing. The vacuum is not to be trusted, and the blender is only slightly better. He doesn’t climb things indoors, because heaven knows what’s on top of that table or cabinet. Having his harness put on is a terrible punishment. The doorbell signals the onslaught of the enemy. He would rather explode than use the bathroom in the rain.

You would read that list and think, “What’s a fearful, nervous dog!” And he is, except about “normal” things. You know, that stuff dogs are supposed to be scared by.

Silas is not bothered by thunder and lightning, even though he spent his socialization phase in a terrible drought. He thinks nothing of fireworks. He loves to ride in the car. Sirens are fine by him. Last night he practically asked me to hurry up and leave the house. One day, a helicopter landed across the street, and he didn’t even get off the sofa until I went over to look out the window. When we were visiting my parents, it took him two minutes to adjust to Dad’s wheelchair, and he never gave the walker or the cane a second thought. He’s more cheerful at the vet’s office than anywhere else we go with people.

I like to remind myself of all the things he’s not afraid of, because it makes him sound so brave. “Ha! My dog thinks thunder is fine and dandy!” is pretty nice, when you’re used to thinking “Gee, I’d go to the park, but school is out already.” (Today was horrific. It’s like we were trapped. Children everywhere, including the toddling toward us, under-supervised, “DOGGY!” yelling kind. I thought ten AM would be okay, since the park we go to is just nature trails.)

Hugs and pets to all you out there with miserable dogs tonight who are afraid of the fireworks. Silas will be busy worrying about the extra people on the sidewalk.

6 thoughts on “Backwards

  1. I’ll be breaking out some canned food tonight to prep for the fireworks onslaught. Usually after 10-30 minutes of food per bang/crackle/pop, she calms down enough to sleep right through. Though, New Years celebrations don’t last as long as The 4th celebrations here either. Maybe I’ll just use a small can. šŸ˜‰


    1. Oh, I hope it went okay!

      It turned out to be a rainy mess here, which helped. Then 5 firetrucks pulled up across the street. Fortunately we’re close enough to the fire station that sirens don’t usually bother Silas.


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