Dogs and Money, December Edition: In which I make us all feel better

For the last two months of my budget reports, I’ve been promising you that I’m not a crazy spendthrift. There was just an unfortunate coincidence of expensive months with the first two months of my project. Now I have some proof!

Food: $30.88
Treats: $9.22
Grooming, etc: 0
Toys: $9.50
Training: 0
Vet: $58.50
Media (Books, DVDs):

Total: $119.05

That’s more like it. Food costs are mostly for canned food for traveling and a few odds and ends. I can’t get canned pork-based food in our town, so I grabbed some while I was back home. Plus a few cans of the Spring Naturals Turkey for him to eat while we were there. That stuff is solid gold, people.

Treats were a couple of fish-skin chews and a new box of Wet Noses stars.

I shouldn’t have bought toys so close to Christmas, but I couldn’t pass up the other toy made by the purple hedgehog people. Again, I haven’t found this brand locally, so I grabbed while the grabbing was good. There was also the fuzzy ball, which is already long gone.

Almost exactly half of our expenses for the month went to a new six month supply of heartworm medicine, which is absolutely not optional here.

For more background on why I’m doing this, you can check out the other posts in this category.

4 thoughts on “Dogs and Money, December Edition: In which I make us all feel better

  1. I’m afraid to look at what I actually spend on the dogs. I was mending a sheet today and thinking, I can’t afford a new set of sheets (stupidly we bought an extended queen sleep number bed and the sheets which are only available through them are $150 a set) yet my dogs get raw food, yogurt, and canned pumpkin. LOL I love my dogs.


    1. Trust me, I know exactly what I spend on *everything.* Budget geek! But I mostly just like to keep records, not to be thrifty–I like to joke that I keep the budget to a T so that I know how much money I can waste.


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