Rearranging the Furniture, Part Two

Silas has a cheap faux sheepskin mat in his crate. It’s a year old. As I’ve mentioned, he goes to sleep with his blankets in his mouth, so at the end of a year his blankets and beds can look pretty bad.

We bought him a replacement crate pad for Christmas–a nice one from West Paw Design this time. He loves it.

There’s only one problem.

part two

You see this handy, out-of-the-way place? That’s where I tried to put his real bed. The one he insisted be moved in front of the TV. It is not where the crate mat goes. (The crate is in the same place on the other side of the fireplace.)

Now Silas’s favorite thing to do goes something like this:
Go into the crate.
Pull out the new crate mat.
Put it in this spot.
Go back into the crate.
Pull out the old crate mat (we’ve not had time to get rid of it, so they’re layered for now).
Lie on the new mat, not in the crate, while holding the old mat in his mouth.

We thought we could break down the routine by leaving the crate beds closed in the crate, but it didn’t work.

I should just give in and have wall-to-wall dog-bed carpeting.

7 thoughts on “Rearranging the Furniture, Part Two

  1. No doubt Silas is wondering why you don’t have wall to wall dog bed carpet! Isn’t it interesting how particular they can be. Just another little quirk to make you love him even more.


    1. Yep. You know, I didn’t even straighten it up? He moved it right into the corner like that.

      I love our wood floors, but he does NOT. It’s so funny–in the winter, if I ask him for a down, he’ll go lie in his crate. In the kitchen, he will walk over to his dinner mat before he sits. “I decline to put my underside on these cold surfaces” he says.


  2. Yep, they didn’t tell you that before you got a dog? That basically your entire house becomes one big kennel? 😉

    I love your massive fireplace, by the way. Just gorgeous!


    1. Thanks! It’s one of the prettiest things in this house. We, of course, have never used it, because it just doesn’t get cold enough here.

      I loathe those window blinds. Four sets of them, at least eight feet tall, all terrible and yellowed beige-y tan. Plus I just know that Silas and my husband will break them before we move and I’ll have to pay for them.


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