Product Review: The World’s Best Ball?

Planet Dog Recycled Balls

We may have found the world’s best ball.

We grabbed Silas this set (not this exact set; this isn’t my photo) of Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALLs for Christmas. At the time they were something of an afterthought, as our local store had a bigger discount in their holiday sale if we bought one more toy. It turns out that they’re perfect. We had the more typical Orbee ball that looks like the globe, but it’s just too hard for playing indoors. A misplaced throw or a high bounce, and something was going to get broken. The RecycleBALLs are softer. That might be a downside if you have a serious chewer, but it makes them infinitely better for playing fetch indoors. They also still have great bounce, which is crucial.

Our ball criteria:
1) Bouncy
2) Not guaranteed to break whatever they hit
3) Small enough to fit in Silas’s mouth, but not so small as to present a choking hazard.
4) Not impossible to get back from Silas, who thinks all games are tug in disguise.

My general list of awesome toy traits:
1) Made in the US
2) Washable
3) Durable

It’s a little early to tell about the durability, but so far everything else has been spot-on. The recycled rubber is a very awesome bonus. To make these balls, Planet Dog grinds and reprocesses the rubber left over from their other toys, so that nothing goes to waste. The rope is off-spec leftovers from a neighboring factory. I think Planet Dog expects you to keep the balls on the rope, but I assumed it was just packaging. (In the spirit of the thing, my husband put it with his bike emergency supplies.)

Bottom line: highly recommended. If you have a bigger dog, I’d size up to the individually packaged version. The balls in the two-pack are slightly smaller than a tennis ball.


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