Bloggy Business

First up, we’ve won an award!

The charming Gizmo, of Terrier Torrent nominated My Imperfect Dog for the



Now, aside from thanking Gizmo and posting the award image, I’m supposed to tell you seven random things about myself. I’ll tell you seven random things about Silas, instead, because I am a boring person to the core.

1) Silas is obsessed with the throw pillows that go on the sofa. And by “go on the sofa” I mean “sit on top of all the high furniture, until a human gets one down to take a nap.”

2) Silas’s ears didn’t stand up until he was about 16 weeks old. It was a gradual process, too, and for a while one ear was definitely more up than the other.

3) Nothing in our house that is within dog reach still has a fiber content tag.

4) Silas will beg for grapefruit, which I eat unsweetened. The ineffectiveness of Bitter Yuck spray now makes perfect sense.

5) Silas prefers natural peanut butter to Jiff.

6) I absolutely can’t teach him to turn around in a circle, one of the easiest dog tricks ever. He gets halfway around and then turns back the other way. I imagine him saying “this trick is stupid.”

7) Once Silas is done with something, he is DONE. You will not coax him, unless he’s in the park and you encourage him to go get in the car.

Now then, I’m also supposed to nominate 15 blogs to get this award, to which I say YEESH. I don’t think I have fifteen people in my feed who haven’t already won the award. I will send it along to

The House of Two Bows
Spotty, Spotty, Polkadotty
From The House of the Fox Dogs
And Identity V+E

I know people have been doing pretty graphics for this award, but I really like something I can just click on, you know?


Secondly, I’m sorry I’ve dropped out of all my blog commenting lately. Forgive me! I’ve been trying to cut back my computer time, and while I’m still reading blogs I haven’t mastered commenting without committing major time. That’s especially true for blogspot blogs, which won’t let me comment from my smartphone.


Lastly, I’m planning to do some very general raw food posts in the upcoming week or two. I’ve just read a fantastic book about it, which I’ll be reviewing and giving away a copy of, and it inspired me to clarify a few things that really confused me as a newbie. Don’t worry. I won’t be posting pictures of Silas chowing down on weird animal parts, and I’m not planning a persuasive “This is why you should do this” post.


9 thoughts on “Bloggy Business

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the award and it was fun learning a few new things about Silas…I’ll be interested to read what you have to say about the raw foods diet…on the advice of a holistic vet i had my dog Murphy on a raw diet when she was diagnosed with cancer…for convenience sake I had her sister Cecil on it too…Truthfully, I did not notice any improvement in either of them…Then with Bruno i had him on raw foods for his itchy skin and allergies…again,, no noticeable improvement…I found there was no real payoff for the work involved so with Gizmo I feed a high quality grain free kibble…I’d like to read reports from those who have had success with it


    1. You know, this is the reason I’m not going to attempt to persuade people. Some dogs do seem to do a lot better, some don’t. We didn’t have much choice about it.


  2. Aw, congrats and thanks! So nice of you! First blog award in 2013. 🙂 YAY.

    I have always fed Elli natural PB, so when I filled a Kong with Fred Meyer brand (sugar laced, like Jiff) PB, she vomited it up within 20 minutes of finishing it. I was also at a seminar with her. Lovely. 🙂

    Haha — I think Spin and Twirl were some of the first ever tricks I EVER taught Elli. She does them when she’s unsure or anxious/excited. Like when we go out to the freezer in the garage (spin, stare, spin, twirl, spin, WAGGGG).


    1. Aww, poor Elli.

      I know, easiest tricks ever, right? For a while I could lure Silas to follow a treat around in the circle, but not anymore. I’m sure I could shape it, but it seems like a lot of trouble.


  3. I actually don’t mind pictures of dogs chowing raw parts… unless furry heads are still attached. Heh. Anyway, I wouldn’t complain.

    That’s kind of a pretty blog award image. Thank you for passing it along! Um, don’t be surprised if I take forever and a day to get to it, though… It’s still appreciated. Will check out the other ones on your list! Well, the ones I don’t already know. =)

    p.s. Today I pet a pup at the park who I think must feel exactly like Silas, because they have the same fur and skin and spots. Not the ears though. Oh no, not the ears.


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