Our day in pictures:

A new area of the park! This is the “scary” park, but on the opposite end of the parking lot. I think it’s an unofficial overflow from the soccer field.

Tuesday outing

Silas thinks hard about it:
Tuesday outing

Then finds the tall grass behind the fence:
Tuesday outing

That’s better:
Tuesday outing

But it’s a little warm out:
Tuesday outing

Should we try somewhere with air conditioning?

Mmmm, cat food:
Tuesday outing

All done:
Tuesday outing


10 thoughts on “Outing

    1. Weirdly enough, he *loves* people in stores. We even saw a little fuzzy puppy and he seemed happy about it, though we were at a distance.

      I think he took his puppy socialization VERY literally. People doing things that he expects them to be doing, like standing in the aisles of a store, don’t bother him at all.


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