Product Review: K9 Closet Smoothie Tag Collar

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this before.

Silas has a beautiful leather collar. It makes him itch. I’m not sure if it’s the weight against his neck or an allergy to the metal buckle, but he scratches a lot when he wears it. So much that his neck, where he doesn’t have a lot of hair, was always red and clawed up.

I had a lot of trouble finding an alternative, though. I didn’t want to give up the security of metal hardware in favor of a plastic buckle. We’ve also had a lot of trouble finding collars and harnesses the right size for Silas. The 10-14 inch size doesn’t usually have enough slack, while the 14-18 inch size comes off over his head.

I was excited when I ran across K9 Closet. They offer lots and lots of collar styles at custom sizes, guaranteed to fit your dog. We picked the “Smoothie Tag Collar.” This is not a walking collar. There is no leash ring, so one less thing to irritate Silas’s sensitive skin. His name and phone number are embroidered on in letters large enough to be visible from a distance, which is fantastic. While I’ve had to edit my phone number out of a few blog photos, I know that Silas is probably too skittish to let a stranger read his real ID tags. On this width collar, the phone number is legible even with him at the end of a six foot leash. He’s microchipped, but avoiding the step where he has to go to the animal shelter seems like a good idea.

Most importantly for Silas, the collar is lined with a soft fleece fabric:


It’s very light, and sits comfortably against his neck:
collar 3

Because you slide the collar on over his head and then tighten it, there is some metal hardware. The structure of the collar keeps it mostly away from his skin, though:
collar 4

So far there has been no additional itching or irritation of any kind, and Silas has worn this collar 24/7 since early November.

The absolute simplicity of this collar has been wonderful. It’s also a little frustrating, though. Even if you’re like me and never go for real walks without a harness, sometimes you just need a quick clip for a leash. I’ve been known to cheat and clip my leash around the fabric, but I doubt that would work on the wider sizes. I’m thinking about ordering him a martingale style next, just so we have a more reliable back-up for his harness.

Bottom line: if your dog can’t handle regular collars, and you aren’t down with the nylon collar+plastic buckle look, these collars are worth a try. If your dog wouldn’t let a stranger read his tag information, they might be a lifesaver.


5 thoughts on “Product Review: K9 Closet Smoothie Tag Collar

  1. That is a great collar. I can see in the second last photo how easily he’d scratch himself. Breeze has thin fur on her face and if her nails are the tiniest bit long or the play gets rough, she’s got scratches and looks like she’s been in a major fight.


    1. Yeah, I took that photo on day one. Even though my camera washed the redness out, you can still tell that he’s a little scratched up.

      We have to follow up nail trimming with a good run on the rough concrete in our garage to file them smooth.


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