Thursday at the Park

So, the “bad” park has pretty well redeemed itself. Thursday afternoon we were, almost disappointingly, the only people there for most of our visit.

Silas caught his frisbee twice, rather than just picking it up off the ground!

On our way out, a few dogs had showed up.

One of these was Molly, the tiny terrier service dog. Silas insisted that we go meet Molly. (I didn’t see her service vest until we were closer.) Now, Silas is not a big dog, but he towered over Molly. And did he take advantage of this? Nope. They exchanged a friendly sniff, and that was it.

Then two larger dogs came by, and Silas desperately wanted to meet them, too. In a totally friendly way, again, but I had to hold him back. Their person was actually trying to walk with some speed, and while the dogs seemed friendly she obviously didn’t want to stop.

Molly’s person said, “Well, it’s a good thing he’s wearing that harness,” as I bodily drug Silas out of the path for the two dogs to walk by. She didn’t mean it to be as snarky as it sounds typed out–she was laughing about it–but I still thought, “Geez, Silas, acting like a doofus in front of this impeccably trained little dog.”

But I was happy to be proven wrong-wrong-wrong about Silas developing dog issues.

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