A Quick Note:

Susan Garrett has opened up registration for her “Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall” training class.

Silas and I are already registered. I’ve been told by both of the good local training places that he isn’t a good candidate for more classes, so I’m hoping that this online format will help us go places. Literally and figuratively. You wouldn’t believe the progress we’ve made using just a few of Susan Garrett’s methods and tips. Now, this class is not cheap–it in fact ranges from “not cheap” to “HAHAHAHAHA”–but I have it on good authority that the cheapest class package will still get you a great experience. That lowest tier pricing is only slightly higher than typical for my area. And that’s just a once a week class with an average dog trainer, not an every-day interaction with someone at the top of the field.

Anyway, registration isn’t open long and the classes aren’t offered very frequently, so I thought I would let you all know.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Note:

  1. I love the format for these online classes. Yes, they’re expensive. But there’s nothing like dropping a chunk of change to motivate you to stay on track.

    I hope this program helps boost Silas’s confidence. Honey really feels good about herself when we’re doing regular training.


    1. I love being in class with Silas, too, which is why I jumped at the chance for the online format. He’s just too anxious/distracted in a classroom full of dogs. I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and he’ll learn enough that we could actually get into the local agility class.


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