Freeze Dried Food Update:

Back in November I posted a roundup of Dehydrated and Freeze Dried dog foods. Today in the store I spotted some very exciting additions to the list.

Primal has added their Turkey and Sardine and Duck formulas to their freeze-dried lineup. I’m personally thrilled by this, since Primal’s Turkey and Sardine is what we started our elimination diet with. I danced a little jig and bought a bag right then.

Stella and Chewy’s had more initial variety, but very few of their foods were single-protein. Their turkey food also had duck and goose, and their seafood variety also contained beef. They seem to have realized the shortage and have stepped up the game. Brand new at my local store are Simply Venison and Absolutely Rabbit, both single (and fairly novel) proteins. They’ve also added these flavors to their frozen lineup.

Yay for more allergy-friendly versions of these great foods!


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