Silas 1, Lavender 0

I’ve shown you a few photos of our back patio. You’ll notice that it’s basically a wasteland, especially on the sunniest end, where puppy Silas pulled up all the shrubs.

I thought I would fix this by putting out some potted plants.

Silas was very interested in this potting process. He sniffed of the dirt, and stuck his head down in the big pots. Interested, but not destructive.

I put out my mint and my lavender (potted herbs were on sale at the supermarket last week, and we already had two big empty terra cotta pots). Silas played in the water hose spray. We enjoyed the sunshine.

The next time I let Silas out, I thought, “Hmm. It’s been a few minutes, I should make sure he’s okay with the plants.” It’s a good thing I checked, because that was the exact moment that he lifted the lavender bodily, roots and all, out of the pot. I repotted it again, and I think it will be okay.

Maybe I should just learn to love the wasteland look.

7 thoughts on “Silas 1, Lavender 0

  1. One day last fall I got motivated to mulch my beds…Bought tons of mulch and spent a whole day weeding and mulching…so what did Gizmo do after watching me work so hard? he immediately dove into the biggest bed, dug a hole and kicked all the mulch out into the driveway…Dogs! You’ve gotta love them ❤


  2. We have chicken wire fencing around all the flower gardens and the vegetable garden. Of course, that doesn’t stop a determined blind dog! One day last summer, I went out and there was Hiker in the vegetable garden, trying to get out. I called her over to the gate and she calmly walked out as if that is what she was waiting for – someone to open the gate!


  3. I have a five-year-old lavender plant that has grown into a jungle and can hold its own with all the dogs even though the smell fascinates them.


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