Quick Food Update

Silas’s modified eating schedule seems to be working!

He hasn’t eaten one blade of grass or turned down one meal since we started feeding him three times a day. This is still a 100% approved foods diet–turkey and sardines–but I’m excited. We’d been really struggling even with those foods for the last month or so.

Also, I’ve learned that he will eat raw sardines, retail price $1.99/lb. This is a big deal. I knew that sardines were an approved food because we did his initial allergy trial with Primal’s Turkey and Sardine formula. Canned sardines are very expensive, though, at something like $2.99-$3.99 for a three ounce container of what I usually buy for myself.

He’s still convinced that he’s starving, but he’s bringing in fewer rocks and sticks.

It’s early to give a final verdict, but very promising. I’ll probably add some other protein source in next week.


3 thoughts on “Quick Food Update

  1. Hi, I haven’t time just now to read back through all your posts but i thought you might find my experiences interesting. (I’m in the UK)
    My dog (a rescue Parson Jack Russell) had stomach problems. I went down the elimination path but found that not letting him get empty worked best, now 2 years later we’re doing great. He has Burns Lamb & Rice twice a day, first thing in the morning and late afternoon. At lunchtime he has a handful of treats which are colouring and additive free. He doesn’t have any “human food”, no scraps. If he isn’t fed at his usual time in the morning he eats grass then vomits. If his stomach gets too empty he vomits, if he hasn’t eaten grass it will just be bile. I found that if I’m a little later than usual getting up in the morning he’ll vomit bile because his stomach is empty. I keep a couple of treats in the bedroom to put something in his stomach until his morning meal is ready and make his meal as soon as possible.
    I’ve found that he needs regular feeding and meat alone doesn’t work because it doesn’t work in the same way as carbohydrate and he’s soon empty again.
    Good luck, your Silas is beautiful.


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