Running Gear

I’m going to throw this out there, dear readers:

I need bag that I can run with. It needs to carry two bottles of water, poop bags, my car keys, and my phone. Room for a spare leash or a tiny toy would be nice.

I have plenty of “serviceable” options (have I ever mentioned that my husband adores buying outdoor gear?), but I’m kind of in the Goldilocks position.

The bag I carry when I run solo only holds one bottle of water, like this one.

Not mine, but similar

I can share with Silas if I pour from the bottle, but yesterday we went through a whole bottle in a thirty minute run. Pouring is wasteful, and our steel water bottles don’t have the squeezy kind of sport cap. Have I mentioned that it will get twenty degrees hotter than it was yesteraday? (At that point I won’t be running at 2:00 in the afternoon, but yesterday’s high was still cooler than what we’ll be running in before long.)

The bag I carry when I go to the park with Silas recreationally has acres of room, but still only one water bottle pouch. (You can click through to my review here.)

Option three is, on the other hand, too much. Or, rather, too hot. I could carry the pack my husband bought me for mountain biking. (HAHAHAHAHA) It carries 100oz of water, with a squeeze-type hose where I could easily dispense water for Silas. It has plenty of room for all of his park stuff. I could stop switching bags, and keep the frisbee, the long line, the extra short leash, the poop bags, the squeaky ball, the tug toy, and all of my stuff in one bag all the time. It has room for summer emergency supplies, like sunscreen and bug spray. But it is a full backpack, albeit a light one. Do you know how hot it is to run in a backpack at 90 degrees? Let alone one that’s full of ten pounds of water and dog gear.

The backpack

How do you manage, athletic people? Does your dog not stop to beg pitifully for water every three minutes? Do you own clothes with lots of large pockets?

8 thoughts on “Running Gear

  1. I found this bag at Walmart almost 5 years ago and it’s still going strong…The mouths of the included water bottles are large enough to add ice cubes to keep the water cooler in summer and the two pouches have plenty of storage space…I’ve actually tossed in a third water bottle on hot summer days It’s on Amazon here


  2. With two dogs I don’t run. Heck I wouldn’t run even if I had only one dog, who am I kidding? I’m the Forrest Gump of runners. But in the summer when it’s hot I have a little waist pouch that carries some stuff and I sling the dog’s water bottle over my shoulder. I look like something out of a crazy book. LOL


  3. First of all, Jodi’s reply cracked me up! LOL

    I actually just use a backpack for all of Blueberry’s supplies. It can be a burden during the hot summer months, but I’m really anti-fanny pack and I can only stuff so many things into my pockets before I start to look way too lumpy. I kind of like the pack Gizmo had a link to. Have you tried that? If you do, let us know how it works out for you!


  4. I’m in the non-running group as well. I’ll hike miles and miles and bike for hours but no running.

    My suggestions, since you asked…poop bag in your pocket, car key (you only need one) could be tied on your shoe or pretend to be a latch-key kid and put it on a string around your neck under your shirt. Could Silas carry something? Would he be willing to have your phone attached to his collar? Do you really need your phone ie: is it a safety thing or a “keep in touch” thing? Could you get by with one bottle of water and rehydrate slowly once home so you’re not running with water sloshing around your tummies?

    I dunno, just trying to be helpful. : )


    1. The phone is probably a necessity. Dense urban area and all. I think our park is pretty safe, but I’d rather be careful.

      I bought Silas a backpack so he could help, and he is terrified of it. Just getting into it, but I hate to torture him.

      For now we can share the one water bottle. It’s about to get seriously hot, though. Silas is a wimp, and I am a wimp, and it routinely hits 95-100 F here. I try not to get out with it that hot, but sometimes it sneaks up on me.

      You’re right that I tend to overpack, but mostly I like having my stuff.


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