Resolutions, Three Months In

I had two resolutions for Silas in 2013. Now that it’s almost April, I thought I would check back in with a status update.

First, I said that I wanted to get him out more. At the time I meant taking him on more errands, so that he could get more exposure to parking lots and different parts of the city. That’s been done in fits and starts. For some reason, my husband and I haven’t been going on many dog-friendly trips, even if you expand “dog-friendly” to include “short enough that he can sit in the car with the other human.” I need to jump-to on this one, because it’s about to get too hot for dog or human to sit in the car, even for five minutes.

We have been going to the park and to the pet store much more, and it has been a resounding success. We’re at a pretty consistent three days a week, sometimes more. We’ve expanded the comfort radius from one park to four. This is both timely and near-miraculous. It was essential to find him some shorter walks before it got too hot for his regular route.


Status: Check!

Second, I promised to work through the Protocol for Relaxation. I swear, I don’t know what my mental block is about doing it. The mechanics are a little hard, but I’ve worked out a strategy. Still, I do a day or two, and then I stop. I think I’m afraid that some of the later stages are just going to be insurmountably hard. I know better; if I’ve learned one thing from Silas, it’s that I should always give him the chance to impress me. I need to make this a priority!

5 thoughts on “Resolutions, Three Months In

  1. You’ve done quite well on your resolutions I think…I know how it is finding good places to walk when the weather warms up…We search for trails with lots of shade and they’re not always easy to find nearby…I loved your statement that you need to give Silas a chance to impress you…that made me smile, as did that wonderful photo of Silas…


  2. I love your idea of giving him a chance to impress you. Dogs want so much to please their humans even when it means overcoming their fears.


  3. You’ve done really well on your resolutions. Yes, the time for hiking before the sun rises is nearly here too. Blueberry barely tolerates the sun in the winter and she loathes it in the summer. Except she’ll go outside when it is 118 degrees and sun bathe. Go figure.

    Silas is just so darn handsome! Love those ears!


  4. When you factor in the weather, it can be difficult to get out and about as much as you’d like to. We have that problem with the bitter cold (for some) and then the mud and ice. Knowing that you are doing the best you can and keeping Silas happy is the most important!


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