Wednesday night we played Hide-N-Seek with Silas. One person upstairs, one person downstairs. While one person hid, the other person played with Silas as a reward for finding them. The hidden person then called his name one time from the hiding place.

Silas found us both every single time, usually without even any hesitation. Places one of us hid:

–Under a big pile of blankets on the bed
–In Silas’s crate
–In the downstairs coat closet, with the door cracked
–In the upstairs closet, with the door completely shut
–In the upstairs bathroom, which is behind a baby gate
–Behind the sofa
–Behind various doors that always stay open
–Under the desk, with the chair pulled in
–On top of the washing machine, with the laundry room door partly shut and the washing machine on
–On top of the counter in the wet bar (Oh, 70s architecture), with the doors partly shut
–In the corner behind the bedroom chair

I think we’re going to have to drop the name call. It’s making it too easy! He loves this game, though, even when it is too easy.

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