Sometimes this blog thing is pretty handy to have around. It was time to go buy food for April. So, I went to the freezer and surveyed what was still in there. Then I came back here and pulled up my post about what I bought at the beginning of March.

Looking at the difference between them, I see that Silas ate almost exactly the right proportions of food in March.

He’s also (seriously knocking on wood) doing okay with the re-addition of pork to his diet. That means I was right about this most recent flare being an unrelated bout of acid reflux. Aside from Saturday, when he threw up some kind of foreign object, he’s been great since we switched to three meals a day. He’s been eating three proteins, people! Three! Sardines, pork, and turkey!

Speaking of handy, while we’re on the subject of food, these freezer baskets have changed my life for the vastly better.

Three of them fill the bottom of my freezer. One for meat with bones, one for meat without bones, and one for whatever food we’re incorporating in controlled amounts. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not be dropping freezer bags full of turkey necks out on my feet while I dig for the liver.


8 thoughts on “Handy

  1. Sounds like you have a good system there! I recently read something about freezer baskets and it was using different colored ones from the dollar store. So, so glad that Silas is doing well on the three meals a day! Give him a hug for us. : )


    1. I didn’t bother with colored ones, because I keep them in the same order left to right. Also, they didn’t have colored ones.

      We probably need to get a small chest freezer, which would require more exact organization, I think. For now I just needed to corral the stuff.


  2. Where do you buy your sardines? I’ve only seen them in the little cans and quite frankly with dogs eating 11.2 and 12.3 ounces at each meal I don’t have the patience for those little cans. 🙂


    1. The raw sardines are a little hard to find for me. I have to go to the Asian market here. Any place with a big fish department should have either sardines or their close cousin the Mackerel. Frankly, I didn’t do a lot of research about feeding raw fish (desperate times and all), so you might want to look in to it more before you jump on my bandwagon.

      You could always just half a can between the two of them, and then add their regular meals to get the right amount. It’s probably best to buy water packed.


    1. Thanks! I’m so excited!

      I had to organize mine because there wasn’t anywhere for the dog food. Without that, I’m not sure I ever would have bothered.


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