Boo Boo

We went back home over Easter weekend, where Silas (as usual) had a blast.

No thanks to my father-in-law, who cleaned off the field that housed the World’s Best Hide-N-Seek. Not only did cleaning off the field ruin the hide-n-seek, it also left it covered in sharp stubble.

That’s how Silas wound up with this:


I probably failed big time on the doggie first aid. That is, I didn’t do anything about it. It really bothered Silas for me to touch it, so after a once-over to make sure there wasn’t a briar or anything in his foot, I let it go. He licked it clean a few times over the next few days. I made sure it wasn’t swelling or looking too red or anything, and I let it heal on its own. It’s mostly better already, after five days.

Have you had a paw injury? How did you treat it? I couldn’t come up with any kind of medication that he wouldn’t just lick back off.


6 thoughts on “Boo Boo

  1. I’ve had a lot of paw injuries. Maybe I’ve been lucky but I always dip the paw in hydrogen peroxide and watch it for a few days and they always heal.


  2. I’ve never had a serious paw injury. just some small nicks and cuts that peroxide and nature took care of…Worst paw injury was stepping on a jellyfish at the beach…Had to carry Murphy (40# Lab puppy) up to the street and hitch a ride to my car…treatment was flushing with vinegar and benadryl for a couple of days


  3. Sadie tears her pads up to pieces at least once every summer. I simply clean it, wrap it if it’s bad and check it every day. She doesn’t get many walks until it’s healed up and I use a dog-friendly healing cream if it seems like she needs it. Pads usually heal in a few days, a week tops if it’s really bad.


  4. OUCH! That looks super painful!

    One thing we always keep handy is Neosporin wound cleanser for kids, with instant foaming action. It seeps in pretty quickly so there is some effect, even if they are tempted to lick it off soon afterwards. Bowpi has hurt her paw a couple times — nothing as serious looking as this — and everything was all better after a few days of applying that stuff.


  5. 2 Brown Dawgs told me about this stuff called EMT Gel, it kind of puts a thick coating on the wound, which is supposed to help it heal. Of course, we have to use the leave it cue too. I hope he is feeling better!


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