Does This Count As Progress?

On Saturday we had a little mix-up. It’s time for our semi-annual exterior termite inspection, you see. This involves the pest control man poking around in our garage and back patio.

Our building was due next Saturday, the 13th. My husband had a big event out of town that day. “You’d better reschedule the termite man,” I said, because I wanted to take Silas to the park and miss the whole thing.

Last Wednesday, his big event got moved to this Saturday. “I really didn’t want the dog here when the termite man comes,” I said. “Call and move him back to the first day.” The call was made, the termite man was rescheduled.

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Silas and I were asleep. I sent Silas to his crate, where he miraculously went even though my bleary self couldn’t find a cookie to toss in. It was, of course, the termite man. Apparently our request to re-reschedule hadn’t made it all the way down the line. He asked me to let him in the garage door. I ran through the house, opened the garage door, grabbed up a handful of cookies and tossed them to Silas, and went out back to deal with the termite man. We walked around on the patio for a few minutes, then he left.

At this point, literally as I am walking back in, my neighbor rings the doorbell. She heard me talking to the termite man, so she brought me over a package that had gotten left at her house by mistake.

Now, Silas barked basically the entire time this was happening. Not 100%, but not dramatically less. He had to run out and make sure the evil termite inspector was not lurking on the patio. Then he was a little edgy for the next few hours. (In a sad irony, he was outside later when I opened the door for a magazine salesman because I expected the mail lady. The one time a loud dog would be handy…)

But: he has not had a serious regression in his paranoia levels, like he did after the plumber came. Aside from the few hours immediately post, he’s just been his usual semi-paranoid self.

Does not having a huge setback count as progress? I’ll take it.


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