Wednesday night was stormy. Two inches of rain in some parts of the city. Our usual parks with their dirt paths were out of the question. Instead we went way out, to a park Silas hasn’t been to.

It was wonderful. Late spring after a rain, with super blue sky, wildflowers, and an almost empty park. We were even far enough out to get away from the traffic noise, which I didn’t realize was possible here. (You can hear the freeway at our usual parks. Fortunately fast-moving traffic doesn’t scare Silas, or he hasn’t put the sound together with the cause.)


To either side of that paved path is basically bog, which I didn’t really think through in advance.

Some things are worth getting a little dirty for.






In that last photo you can see a little bit of how muddy Silas is, but not that he covered his entire head in mud.

Silas and I walked down beside that bridge on our way out. Silas found a big stick, and we had a slightly crazy game of “tug on the ever shrinking pieces of stick.” When I looked up, a person on a bike had stopped riding to watch us. Silas was in top tugging form, and then he ripped around like a crazy dog. Slightly muddy dog joy exuding from every pore. I ran into the cyclist again before we got to the car, just after Silas had dropped and rolled in a puddle, and he said, “What kind of dog is that? He has so much character!”

We came straight home for baths, including washing the leah, collar, and harness.


5 thoughts on “Puddle-Wonderful

  1. I see oak trees and palmettos…looks like you were walking in one of our parks…those boggy area are hard to resist, even for a non-water dog like Gizmo…I’m sure it felt great to have a stranger say something so fine about Silas


  2. And you think that Silas has problems?! Silly human, he’s just a normal silly pup! I like the turtle photo and if you have to have a bath after a walk, it was a good time for sure.


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