Wordless Wednesday: Tricks!

I’m trying to get the hang of my video software, so I shot a few seconds of Silas doing his basic cues. (Note that I give him a cookie for sitting, *while* he is, in fact, standing back up.)

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tricks!

  1. My husband gets frustrated when he tells Honey to “sit” which she does and then pops right back up again. I always have to remind him he didn’t tell her to “stay” so she did exactly what he asked of her.

    I’d love to know how you taught Silas to lie down on his side. Honey is on high alert when treats come out and I have not been able to lure her onto her side at all. I’m thinking I’ll just have to capture it with the clicker the next time she does it on her own.

    Any words of wisdom?


    1. We lured it from the down. Put the treat close to her nose, and then rotate it around to the top of her shoulder. If she follows the treat with her head, she’ll naturally fall over. I’m sure better trainers have a better solution, but that’s what we did.

      I had to teach the down by following Silas around with the clicker. There was no luring on earth that would get him to put his belly down.


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