Lap Dog

Silas was a champion while I had the flu. We snoozed together all day, and that was all he expected of me. My domain was the chair, and he kept me company mostly on the chair’s ottoman.

When Silas was a baby, he was just not that interested in cuddling. We have a long tradition, dating back to that first July, of curling up together on the sofa through the morning coverage of the Tour de France, but for the most of the day he had “his” end of the sofa.

As he gets older, though, he’s more and more interested in sitting next to a person. Not on, just near. Over the winter I blamed this on the house being a little chilly, but it seems to be persisting.

The flu seems to have brought this to an entirely new level that is lingering even though I’m mostly back to normal. He is, for instance, now trying to sit in my lap, rather than his usual adjacent position.

I guess I’m lucky he only weighs 30 pounds.


3 thoughts on “Lap Dog

  1. Haha precious little Silas! Elli is my little spoon all the time. But unless I’m deathly ill, she still thinks she deserves a romp on the mountain every afternoon.


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