Spring Vet Checkup

I’ve been, in the eyes of my vet’s office, pretty remiss. It only took three reminders for me to get him an appointment for his twice-yearly heartworm test. In my defense, the first reminder was apparently lost, and the second one came right before I got the flu.

I’m dreading the visit a little bit. After last summer’s vet-athon, where we were in the office at least once a month from March to September, we’ve been enjoying a nice break. Summer is hard on allergy dog. Aside from a superstitious dread that this will somehow be the beginning of another streak, I’m afraid that anxious Silas will have forgotten that he loves the vet.

(I may have told you this story before, because it’s one of my favorites: puppy Silas, age 12 weeks, almost made the vet cry. He had ringworm, so in addition to shots the vet had to do an invasive and kind of painful skin scraping. She felt bad about it. When she came back in to talk about the results, Silas, instead of cowering, insisted that she pick him up and hold him.)

Anyway, the point of this is that the universe is punishing me. Silas’s problematic skin has been perfect! I was going to walk in to the vet’s office with a brag in my heart about solving all of his skin problems. Even the weird bump on the back of his head finally went completely away.

So, of course, this morning he woke up with this:


In the picture, it’s just a tiny pink blip over his left hand eye (right hand side of the photo, right above his black spots), but in real life it’s a big red bump, clearly visible from across the room.


4 thoughts on “Spring Vet Checkup

  1. Oh dear that’s not good…Could it be a bug bite? Just wondering why you test for heartworm twice a year? do you use preventative year round or just during warm months? We’ve never been asked to test more than once a year here so I’m curious (we do use preventative year round)


    1. I think the heartworm testing is just because we’re in such a high prevalence area. I follow a few local rescues who specialize in long-term strays, and I have *never* seen them rescue a hw negative dog. Although, you’re in a similar climate, so who knows. I love my vet, but they LOVE to run tests. There are a few other things on the test; we may also be at risk for them. I use preventative year round, too.

      I do think it is just a bug bite. Most dogs are pretty insect resistant, but Silas really doesn’t have a lot of hair.


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