There isn’t room in my little kitchen for a dog bed. Instead, Silas has a rug. This is where he eats his dinner, and I try to encourage him to stay on it if he’s around while I’m cooking.

When it’s time to eat, he sits on his rug like this:

Sitting for Dinner

Somedays he hangs out there while I get his food ready; some days I call him in and he just sits as I put the dish down.

Lately, he’s really gotten the hang of being on his kitchen mat outside of meal times. So this morning I turned around from getting coffee to see Silas, sitting pitifully in front of his empty dish. My husband caught my eye. “Don’t feed him again; I’ve already done it. He’s faking.”

I think maybe we need to teach him to lie down on his rug when it isn’t meal time.


12 thoughts on “Faker

  1. Hahaha! The ploy for second breakfast and second dinner is very familiar in our house. Ira and Robincat both like to give S and I the gears. They’re hard enough to resist and they don’t have ears like Silas! I don’t know if I could do it with him…


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