I’m allergic to cats. I like them, but I’m never going to be able to have one in the house.

As a result, Silas hasn’t had a lot of experience with them. He’s sniffed a few in the vet’s office, where they sometimes have foster kittens in an enclosure in the lobby. Otherwise, his whole experience of them is the time that he got attacked.

Silas is, somewhere in his DNA, a terrier, with a terrier’s instincts to hunt and kill things. He never really gets the chance, but he dearly loves to chase a good squirrel now and then. The ones in the back yard are especially troublesome to him, because they never come down low enough for him to get a good chance. They run across our garage roof, where Silas can see them but not reach them.

Lately, something else has been running across our garage roof.

That would be the neighbor’s cat. At first I thought the neighbor didn’t realize this was happening. She lets the cat out onto her seemingly safe patio, which has at least eight feet of wall or fence on every side. Then the cat climbs a tree, leaps to the garage roof (our garages are all adjoined), and runs across to do who knows what.

Silas is, needless to say, somewhere between bloodthirsty and terrified by this. I honestly think that he sees this cat as the WORLD’S BIGGEST MOST EVIL SQUIRREL.

In order to stem the tide of frantic barking, I casually mentioned to the neighbor, “Oh, is that your new cat I’m seeing run across my garage?” This is a lady who genuinely loves animals, and I expect she’ll be upset by this. “Yes!” she says, “the new cat is such a handful!” And then the conversation turned to something else. I still don’t know why she’s letting the new cat outside, since she knows it’s running away.

A little while ago, the inevitable happened. Instead of climbing down the neighbor’s tree, the cat climbed down our tree. Luckily Silas was inside at the time. I have never heard him so upset over anything. It’s been over half an hour, and he still can’t go to sleep. His eyes drift closed, and then snap back open to look out the patio door.

Poor anxious guy. I guess I’m going to have to speak more firmly with the neighbor.


6 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Do you think that Silas would attack the cat and harm it? I know it’s a difficult thing to predict. Maybe if you mentioned to the neighbor that Silas doesn’t like cats, that’d help? His “cousin” Breeze sure does love those cats!


    1. The million dollar question with a fearful dog, and no good way to answer. When he got attacked, the cat was 100% the aggressor. Silas was too stunned to move. In his own yard …. If I had to guess, I’d say he would absolutelty try to chase it away. I’m not sure what would happen if the cat didn’t run back up the tree.


  2. Our neighbors don’t have cats but we did have a feral living under the house for a while and I was more afraid of the cat harming Gizmo than the other way around…He usually focuses his hunting efforts on the many lizards we have


  3. I’m often frustrated because cats have the run of the neighborhood while a dog off leash makes me open to a $250 fine.

    Honey is interested and tolerant of most neighborhood cats. But one makes her absolutely insane. He’s a very powerful hunter who leaves dead birds and rats all over the place.

    Every time Honey goes roaring down the yard barking at the cat, I go nuts. I wish he’d just stay home.

    Hopefully your neighbor will get the message. I have no hopes for mine.


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