In Which Silas Disgusts My In-laws

My in-laws are vegans. And germophobes.

I have to watch what I let Silas do there. I carry his tidiest food. I make sure he stays on top of the sofa slipcover. I wipe his feet when we’ve been outside.

Still, Silas gets to be off leash at their house, and he gets into a little doggy trouble from time to time. He’s a clean and tidy little guy, but he’s still a dog.

When we were visiting last week, Silas did something he’d never done before. We were walking along the edge of their back field, when Silas dove into the tall grass and started rolling around madly. Then he trotted out with something in his mouth.

My mother-in-law let out a horrified sound.

A few days before, you see, my father-in-law had found a chunk of desiccated animal fur, probably from a squirrel. He’d pitched it off into the bushes, where Silas happily found it, rolled on it, and brought it back out.

I really wish my in-laws hadn’t been around when he found it. I reclipped him to his leash, and he pretty promptly dropped THE BEST TREASURE EVER. I would absolutely have let him have it back for a little while longer, just because he was such a good boy giving it up. (He wasn’t eating it, just carrying it, and it was completely dry.)

Instead, we had to go back inside and get a frantic scrub down with a soapy paper towel.

Bonus story, about why I really need to do more nose-work with Silas: my father-in-law picked up the hide and moved it to the edge of a shed, underneath a five gallon bucket. My husband and I knew that he had moved it, but not to where. On our next outing, Silas darted to the shed and started to frantically sniff one of several buckets that were overturned. Sure enough, he’d found the hide, from at least eight or ten feet away.

After all that, he was exhausted.


9 thoughts on “In Which Silas Disgusts My In-laws

  1. This reminds me of the time Sadie found a dried out rat carcass under our porch. I thought she had pulled out a harmless piece of trash & grabbed it from her, only to scream like a banshee when I saw what is really was. Good times.


    1. Ironically, my in-laws are long-time dog people. Their last dog passed away ten or fifteen years ago, but before that there was an endless stream of them. I don’t know how they coped with it back then, since their dogs were free-ranging country dogs.


    1. It’s either a WordPress thing or a specific feature of this blog theme (which is a WordPress freebie.)

      I have *no* technical secrets to divulge, I promise you. I just now figured out how to put up an avatar picture on my own blog, for Pete’s sake.


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