I went out last week and . . .

bought a bag of kibble.

My head almost exploded. Our last kibble was probably in April or May of 2012. Silas’s stomach was terrible. I was standing on my head trying to get him to eat. About that time the Stella and Chewy’s rep came through town. Their freeze-dried food was the first thing Silas had been excited to eat in more or less his entire life. That triggered our move to raw. When we figured out the food allergies, that made kibble off-limits. There was nothing on the market that Silas could eat, even if he would. (This has changed significantly in the last year. I think I could pick between three or four now.)

A few months back, Fromm put out their Pork and Peas kibble.

We live in a hurricane zone. Non-refrigerated food is essential to our emergency bag. Plus, Silas is really cut off from most food-dispensing toys, because the holes are kibble sized.

Final feelings about the Fromm are, unfortunately, a little mixed. I love the size. It’s the size I wish basically all training treats were. It will go into and out of even Silas’s small-sized Buster cube.

Fromm Pork and Peas

For treats, it is ridiculously economical. I’ve paid as much for four ounces of treats as I pay for four pounds of Pork and Peas. Since Silas thinks it is delicious (and this is a dog who hated kibble), it works great.

The down side is that Silas doesn’t digest it very well. I’m a little puzzled about why. A lot of dogs don’t do very well on pork, but Silas eats pork four or five meals a week. It could be one of the fruit or veggie ingredients, or it could be that Silas is just used to very, very simple bland food.

Either way, it’s handy to have around and I’m thrilled that it’s on the market.

11 thoughts on “Kibble!

  1. I bet it has nothing to do with ingredients and everything to do with the fact that it’s kibble. No matter the high quality of From ms (and I feed it to my dogs), kibble is still highly processed and moisture deficient. It takes twice as long for the tummy to digest as raw so for Silas, it’s sitting like a rock in his tummy for hours.


    1. Yeah. Anything over a few tablespoons a day is more than his little intestines can handle. Not going to be our emergency food of choice. But, for a quick tidy treat, it’s working really well.


  2. Just picked up a bag of the pork and peas recipe too, and we’re trying it out over the next few weeks. We stick mostly with fish-based kibble in the a.m., but since the Bows generally do well on Fromm, gonna try some mixing and matching…


      1. She rejects raw pork meat or organs, but she’ll eat it cooked! I don’t think we’ve ever tried a pork kibble though. I think the only other pork recipe we’ve sampled is Grandma Lucy’s Artisan, which she liked… but I’m not as keen on because of all the potato. So we’ll see.


  3. I’m guessing it’s just like dogs that are switched from kibble to raw – there’s an adjustment period. Same probably goes for from raw to kibble. Even though it’s good quality stuff – it is processed like married with dawgs mentioned.


  4. Gizmo has been on Fromm’s Grain Free for almost 3 years now…we’ve tried all the “flavors” and I’m lucky that he does very well with all of them…Pork & Peas I late coming to our area…Our store just got it in so that’s what our next bag will be…The size is a winner with me too…Gizmo has a really small mouth and so many foods had huge pieces


  5. Have you ever tried freeze dried or dehydrated as your emergency food? It’s what we use here in our Earthquake zone. Like Silas, Felix can’t eat much more than a few kibbles before his digestive system pretty much raises the white flag, but he has no problem with the dehydrated. I give it to them one day in 10 (ish) just to make sure they’re used to it and there’s not tummy trouble when/if we ever need it. I hope Silas feels better!


    1. Yes, that’s more of our go-to. Now that all of the raw companies are making freeze-dried, it’s suddenly a lot easier. For a while the only freeze-dried locally was Stella and Chewy’s, and they don’t have a flavor we can use. Now I keep a big bag of Primal’s freeze-dried turkey and sardine around. The nice thing about it is that it can be eaten dry in a pinch. When we’re on the road, he can have the food dry and then some water separately, instead of making a mess. Silas can also eat the Honest Kitchen turkey food, but you have to rehydrate it first.


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