The World’s Worst Ice Tray

I bought Silas a freezer a few weeks ago. (This was before the behaviorist moved our appointment up by three weeks. Budgetary fail.) Turkey gets hard to find late in the summer, so I need room to carry a few more supplies. Right around Thanksgiving is the only time I can find organic turkey liver. Most importantly, I’d like to have room to freeze more than dog food and a lone pint of ice cream. I used to have room to keep practical things for the humans, like frozen pesto and extra pizza crusts and frozen seasonal produce.

Anyway, his freezer came with the dumbest ice tray ever. I think the ice tray in my kindergarten play kitchen was bigger.


My husband and I laughed and laughed. A whole deep freezer, and we get an ice tray that is maybe 2×8.

I put some yogurt in it on a whim. We don’t really need tiny ice.

And now I have the most awesome summer dog treats of all time.


That “terrible” tiny ice tray makes perfect 1″ cubes. Silas loves to eat ice, and he loves to eat yogurt. At that size, I don’t feel bad about giving him one or two a day, and it’s more interesting to him than just putting a spoon of yogurt in his dish.

I guess size isn’t everything.

4 thoughts on “The World’s Worst Ice Tray

  1. Glad you found a use for it.

    My freezer has our training ducks. You thought you had no freezer room…lol. (Actually it is an extra freezer and not all that big. :))


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